We're officially five weeks through the NFL season and things are as crazy as ever in the league. The Patriots are still the Patriots, but other than that, there's plenty of surprises, and a whole lot of disappointments to pick out. Looking at you, Cleveland. With a little more than a fourth of the season now complete, you can really start to get a sense in what teams are for real and what teams are looking at a high draft pick come May.

Even so, there's been some nice surprises on teams that likely won't win a lot this season, like Daniel Jones' emergence for the Giants. Or the Gardner Minshew movement in Jacksonville. Nobody saw that coming. On the flip side, nobody saw Baker Mayfield's massive regression coming. Or Sam Darnold missing games due to Mono. This season has somehow had a full year worth of storylines in only five weeks. Things aren't about to slow down, but the Complex Sports team took some time to break down the biggest surprises and disappointments of the season, so far.