Dwayne Wade is clearly enjoying his retirement. 

This weekend, the future Hall of Famer took to Instagram where he posted a video of himself dancing with his former coach and current Miami Heat president, Pat Riley. In the clip, the two are doing some type of shuffle step to the sounds of the Doobie Brothers. And if this wasn't already hilarious, this dance session took place while the two were wearing Aladdin-like costumes on a yacht in Saint-Tropez. 



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While Riley was teaching Wade some moves in the first clip, Gabrielle Union posted a video to her account showing the couple trying to get Coach Pat on beat with their dance steps. Riley was into it at first but quickly realized that this wasn't his wave.


Teachers & Students 🤣😂🤗

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The videos seem to have been recorded while the couple celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary.


This IS Retirement‼️

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