WARNING: This story contains explicit descriptions of assault and violence; the information may be triggering.

Details are surfacing regarding the murder of former NBA player and BIG3 star, Andre Emmett. On Tuesday, the Dallas Police Department to release footage of the moments leading up to Emmett's death. 

In two separate videos taken from Nest surveillance cameras, Emmett is seen sitting in his Range Rover, when the gunmen approach him. A weapon is then pointed at Emmett while an assailant tells the athlete "don’t move" and "we want everything." Emmett gets out of the SUV and attempts to make an escape by running away. Emmett appears to have been shot in the back as he fled the scene. 

According to Dallas Police, the suspects used a white Chrysler 300 to flee the scene. Witnesses claim to have seen two shooters. One is described as "a tall, thin black, man wearing a red hat." 

Emmett's family and friends are searching for a motive behind his murder. "I’d like to know why.. and I’d like to know who," Emmett's aunt, Karen Oliver-Thomas, told the local CBS-affiliate. "It’s just tough for us and we’re trying to make sense of everything." NBA star turned BIG3 staple and fellow Texas native, Stephen Jackson, also shared his thoughts on the situation.

"Y'all wonder why I be going so hard on these people that be coming on my page that had hoop dreams that didn't make it?" Jackson said in an Instagram post. "Y'all see why I be going so hard on y'all? It was an ole hoop dream hating 'wish I made it' 'wish I had what he had' 'wish I had the jewelry he had on' 'wish I had the car he had' ole hating ass nigga that killed my boy... and the video done came out. This shit weak as hell, dog."

Police have yet to identify any suspects in the shooting.

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