Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones saw everything he needed to see from Dak Prescott in his team’s 35-17 Week 1 win over the New York Giants. Now, Jones believes a contract extension with Prescott should be "imminent."

"Oh, yes, I do know that we’ll get it done," Jones said, per Pro Football Talk. "It would probably be fair to say it'll be done on a imminent basis. Imminent. Without being real clear, bright lined. It's not done. What’s imminent? Well, days. Days. Or something like that."

Jones' newfound confidence in getting a deal done with Prescott comes after the 26-year-old quarterback posted a perfect passer rating of 158.3 while throwing for 405 yards with four touchdowns and zero interceptions in the Cowboys’ lopsided victory on Sunday. 

Last month Prescott reportedly turned down an offer from the Cowboys that would pay him $30 million per year. His team is said to be seeking a deal that gives him $40 million per year, but that number may only be a negotiating tactic that will position them to either get in the ballpark, if not surpass Russell Wilson, who makes $35M per year, the highest at the position in the league. 

When informed of Jones' comments, Prescott said he isn't currently concerned about talk of an extension, and would rather focus on his team, and which team the Cowboys have next on their schedule. 

"I'm turning the page and I’m worried about the Washington Redskins," Prescott said. "I have people that handle that. My focus is on this team, on the football game. I think as long as I can keep continuing to do that, this will do things like we did tonight. As I said, that’s been out of my focus for the past week, and I told you guys that."

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