Jamal Adams would like Jets fans to take a chill pill. 

Like most fan bases, Jets supporters are still smarting over their squad’s Week 1 loss. Gang Green gave up a 16-0 lead in the second half to division rival Buffalo and fans of the franchise, predictably, were all in their feelings about it. Sure, every game is magnified in the NFL when you only have 16 of them. But Adams, the Jets star safety, would like to politely remind every Jets fanatic that there’s no reason to overreact.   

“Everybody acts like the world ended, man,” says Adams. “It’s just one game.”

Two days removed from the disappointing loss to open the season, Adams is on the phone having already moved onto the Monday Night Football matchup with the Browns. Of course, that means Odell Beckham Jr., his buddy, and fellow LSU Tiger, will be in town, returning to MetLife Stadium for the first time since the Giants traded the star wide receiver to Cleveland during the offseason. But it’s not like the two pals have been trading texts leading up to the primetime matchup.  

“I don’t talk to the opponent. Not until after the game,” says Adams.

We caught up with Adams (before the Jets found out they’d be without QB Sam Darnold for a while) to briefly chat about Odell, his intense coaches, what he talks about with Michael Jordan when they chop it up, and his partnership with Lunatix, a postseason ticket reservation marketplace that has “Golden Ticket” promotion promising winners two tickets to every home playoff game for every team in their market through 2020.

(This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.)

Tell me what you have going on with Lunatix.
It’s the best ticket site in the world. Not only is it the best ticket site in the world, you can reserve playoff tickets for any team, any game, all year long. It’s a helluva routine how they get your tickets to you so you get the best experience.

Everybody’s excited about Sam. Sam’s a helluva a teammate, helluva a guy that goes out and leads a group of men each and every week.

Swerving to football, why shouldn’t Jets fans panic after Week 1?
[Laughs] It’s just one game, man. Golly. Everybody acts like the world ended, man. It’s just one game. Obviously we’re looking forward to the opportunity to go against the Browns. It’s kind of like so what, now what mentality. And we’re going back to the drawing board.

You have two very intense coaches that you play for in head coach Adam Gase and defensive coordinator Gregg Williams. Who is more intense behind the scenes?
[Laughs] They’re both equal. In a way, competitive. But G-Dub, as I call him, is definitely a guy that has more fire in different ways. But that doesn’t take away from Gase because Gase is very similar. They’re both very competitive.

Talk about rookie Quinnen Wiliams who has had some hilarious sound bites so far. How much have you guys busted his chops about them?
That’s just how he is. He doesn’t really understand how funny he is. He’s very natural with it. He’s a funny guy, always smiling, and he’s definitely a hell of a teammate so we’re excited to have him on board.

Let’s talk about the other young buck. Why is Sam Darnold the real deal, the guy Jets fans have been dying to have for decades?
Everybody’s excited about Sam. Sam’s a helluva a teammate, helluva a guy that goes out and leads a group of men each and every week. We’re excited to get started as far as Week 2. He’s going to continue to do what he do. He’s not going to change and continue to be coachable. 

Who is your favorite quarterback to pick off, that you love to torment?
Throughout the league? Honestly, I just go out each and every week and I love competing against the quarterbacks. There are some outstanding quarterbacks out there. I love to compete. That’s what I’m about.

What level of hatred do you guys, as players, have for the Patriots compared to the fan base because I know you know the fans absolutely despise the Patriots?
Man, hate is a strong word. Obviously, you know, I get it. It’s a rivalry. I understand. That’s not the only one that’s a rivalry for us. There’s plenty of others. But any time we go out there, it’s not about the opponent. It’s about us. It’s about the Jets and staying together as a team and competing and gathering up as many wins as possible. We don’t get caught up in all the hype as far as the rivalry. But that’s a hell of an organization. They’re well coached and it’s a fun matchup when we can go up against the Tom Brady and the bunch, as I call them.

Tell me why I’m wrong for hating the new uniforms.
Man, that’s your opinion. I don’t know. I’m not going to lie, bro, I hated the old ones. It’s just a new energy. You can just feel it. It’s a new era. We’re excited. The organization definitely gets a hats off from me. 

Jamal Adams Marcus Maye Jets Bills 2019
Image via USA Today Sports/Vincent Carchietta

You’ve been known to flex with the fits on IG. Do you have something special cooked up for Monday night?
Man, I always cook up something each and every week. Obviously it is a primetime game so definitely a little more thought goes into it. But whether it’s Week 1 or Week 16, I’m definitely coming with the heat.

But would you ever rock a $200,000 watch on the field the way Odell Beckham did in Week 1?
Absolutely not.

Your cleat game is pretty impressive. You’ve been rocking mostly Jordan 1 Lows. Should we expect the cleat game to change week-to-week or are you set in stone with what you’re going with the rest of the season?
It really just depends on how I feel that week. Monday night I’m kind of thinking of coming with something different, a little old school. It just depends on the type of vibe I’m feeling.

What’s your favorite Jordan model?
1s all day. It goes with everything and you can’t go wrong with a 1.

Is there a pair of Jordans that you don’t have that you’re still trying to get your hands on?
No, not at all. I have everything I want. I’m very honored and blessed to be signed with the Jumpman logo. They’ve definitely blessed me with things that I’ve always wanted.

Have you had a chance to meet Michael Jordan?
I am part of the brand, brother. I definitely have met M.J.

What do you remember from that first time meeting Jordan?
It was awesome meeting M.J.—Uncle Mike as I call him. He’s a helluva a guy. He’s always competing in anything. It’s always great to pick his brain. I’m honored to be part of the brand.

Did he give you any advice that stuck?
Nah, he’s just talking about life. We don’t always just talk about sports. With him, it’s more than just sports. It’s about life. He gives life lessons.

We’ll get you out on this one: I know your friends with Odell, a fellow LSU Tiger. Any fun trash talking between you guys leading up to Monday night’s game?
I don’t talk to the opponent. Not until after the game.