The quarterback position is the most important role in sports. The leader. The captain. The QB gets all the blame, but also all the praise. As we move into an era where QB play is more important than ever, we’re blessed with a number of athletes at the position who are changing the game.

We’ve never seen a QB perform like Tom Brady at age 42. We’ve never seen a QB like Patrick Mahomes, who can flick the ball and launch it the length of the field with pinpoint accuracy. Drew Brees is breaking records left and right. You could argue this is the best QB play in NFL history. And, to honest, this list shifted drastically on Saturday night with the surprise retirement of Andrew Luck, who was firmly in the top 10. But even with Luck’s announcement, the QB position in the NFL is stronger than ever. 

With the immense talent at the position comes debate. Who is the best? Who is the worst? As the season nears, the Complex Sports team ranked every starting QB in the NFL based on their current standing going into 2019.