Michael Porter, Jr. has yet to play a game in the NBA and he's already on Adam Silver's bad side. 

During what looks like a pre-season meeting between the Denver Nuggets and commissioner Adam Silver, Porter posted a picture of Silver talking to the audience. Yet, what he didn't (or did) realize was Silver's office and cell phone numbers were displayed on the projector behind the commissioner. To protect the innocent, we won't dry snitch by including what could be Silver's numbers in the article. But, that doesn't mean social media didn't get their jokes off at Silver and Porter's expense. 

This latest hiccup adds to the rough start of Porter's NBA career. After being selected with the 14th overall pick in the 2018 NBA Draft, Porter sat out what would have been his rookie season following back surgery. He then suffered a knee injury during the offseason which kept him out of this year's Summer League. It's now rumored that his knee strain could force him to miss the first month of next season as the Nuggets want him to hit the court when he's at 100%. 

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