The New Orleans Pelicans are looking to leverage their newly acquired assets to dominate this year's draft. According to reports, a part of this plan includes reuniting Zion Williamson with his college teammate RJ Barrett.

After dealing away Anthony Davis, the Pelicans gained several moveable pieces that they reportedly want to leverage to gain the No. 2 pick from the Memphis Grizzlies. Per sources, Memphis is not convinced Ja Morant is the best player for their system. As a result, they want to trade the pick to New Orleans for a combination of players and/or picks the team received from the Lakers. It is then assumed that New Orleans will use the Memphis pick to draft Zion Williamson's fellow Duke Blue Devil RJ Barrett. 

In this scenario, Pelicans' general manager, David Griffin, would probably like to deal away Brandon Ingram due to the concern surrounding his blood clots. To sweeten this deal he could offer a package including Josh Hart, Lonzo Ball, or their variety of pick. This would send Mike Conely from Memphis to New Orleans along with the No. 2 pick. New Orleans would free Memphis from Conely's contract while obtaining RJ Barrett. 

As for Ja Morant, he might become the centerpiece that triggers the Knicks' rebuild. New York favored Morant over Barrett prior to Ja's knee surgery and team executives have gone on record stating they would be excited to have either player. But, in trend with recent history, New York is at the whim of the rest of the league. Either way, they will have one of the prized possessions of this year's top heavy draft. 

"The Knicks have a good problem to have — Pick 3 in a three-man draft," an NBA executive told the New York Post. "They just have to wait and see."