UPDATED 6/20/19, 3:45 p.m. ET: The New York Daily News reports that Rolfi Ferreira Cruz, the gunman who confessed to shooting David Ortiz in the Dominican Republic, was indicted Thursday for allegedly dealing heroin in New Jersey months before Ortiz was shot. According to Newark Federal Attorney Craig Carpenito, Cruz was in possession of more than 100 grams of heroin and cocaine with the intent to distribute. He was also accused of being in possession of a .40 caliber Glock and over 100 rounds of ammunition. 

Should he be convicted, he faces 40 years in prison and potentially a $5 million fine.

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Authorities confirmed in a press conference Wednesday that former Boston Red Sox player David Ortiz was not the intended target of the shooting in the Dominican Republic earlier this month, ABC News reports.

The hit was actually intended for Ortiz's friend, Sixto David Fernandez, who was not only seated at the same table as Big Papi, but was also dressed alike. Police were able to confirm that Fernandez was the intended target because the individuals involved in the hit had a photo of him on them.

Last week, Rolfi Ferreira Cruz, 25, confessed to being the one who shot Ortiz in the back at the Dial Bar and Lounge on June 9. Cruz admitted in cell phone footage obtained by TMZ that the former Red Sox slugger was not the person he was hired to kill. 

Authorities report that at least 13 suspects have been named. An earlier report indicates that six people were paid 400,000 pesos, or about less than $8,000, to carry out the hit.

Police are still searching for Victor Hugo Gomez and Alberto Rodriguez Mota, the two men believed to be responsible for orchestrating the attack. In 2011, Mota was sentenced to prison for drug trafficking while Gomez is wanted in the United States over his involvement in a major federal drug bust. 

After undergoing two surgeries just days after the shooting, Ortiz is expected to make a full recovery. 

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