Nikola Mirotic just stunned everyone and opted to sign a deal outside of the NBA, according to The Athletic's Shams Charania.

The veteran forward was expected to pull a $45 to $50 million deal in free agency. The Spaniard opted to go home instead, signing on with Barcelona in the Euroleague. The details of his Barcelona contract have yet to be revealed. 

The deal has left many knowledgeable NBA analysts scratching their heads, as it's highly unlikely that European basketball can offer anywhere near the salary that he would command stateside. A source who spoke to The Athletic's Jordan Brenner said Mirotic could expect around $13 million annually. 

Nate Duncan theorized that Mirotic would be allowed to play a larger role on a team like FC Barcelona and pointed to Nikola's obvious comfort level at playing in his home country. 

While Mirotic was not the most headline-grabbing available forward, he was a significant option for teams without the cash to join in the mad dash for Kevin Durant and Kawhi Leonard.