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During an appearance on the No Chill Podcast, Clippers guard Lou Williams and former NBA star Gilbert Arenas had some choice words for the NBA greats of seasons past: the game has changed. 

"I'm starting to hate everyone in the '90s that played basketball," Arenas begins. "They think their shit don't stink."

Arenas then called out Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman for their recent comments about hypothetical matchups against current NBA athletes. "Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman both 6'7 both weigh 210, talking about how they're going to stop somebody in today's game," he continued. "6'7, 210, you are a little guard in today's game."

Lou Williams then cosigned Arenas' comments. "Every 10 years the game changes," he explained. "I always have these debates with my friends, I was like 'can you imagine dropping LeBron in '75?' and I was like 'bro he'd win 15 championships in a row.'" The host then added, "It's like dropping Superman in Metropolis."

Williams continued by insinuating that if you took the worst player in the NBA today and dropped him in '68, he'd likely fare much better than in today's game. 

Recently, Dennis Rodman appeared on ESPN's First Take and said that if you pitted the 1995-1996 Chicago Bulls and 2017-2018 Golden State Warriors against one another, the Bulls would surely come out on top. "Kevin Durant would have a hard time with Scottie Pippen," Rodman explained. "And I don't know who would guard Michael Jordan on the Warriors. Literally, who?" 

The occasional North Korean ambassador also addressed the comparisons between himself and Draymond Green. "I got no problem handling that Green guy," he added. "He'd be eating out of my hands. Draymond, keep getting your teeth straight, honey, and listen to your mama."