Many superstars are up in the air this NBA offseason, but few have garnered more attention than Pelicans cornerstone Anthony Davis. After Davis made it clear he doesn't want to stick around the Crescent City—at least before the Pels landed the Zion slot at the draft—fans immediately started speculating where he would land, with a few placing money on it. And the betting types seem to think that Los Angeles is the overwhemingly likely landing spot for the Brow. 

Bleacher Report shared the odds that the Lakers are massive favorites to land Davis as far as the bookies are concerned, with odds of -500. Compare that to +375 that he ends up in New York and a whopping +4,000 that he stays where he's at. 

Pelicans owner Gayle Benson recently countered reports that she wouldn't trade with the Lakers and the betting lines seem to line up, with whispers between executives around the league who think Davis will end up with LeBron James. The Pelicans have also been mentioned in talks of multiteam deals between New York, Los Angeles, and New Orleans to unload Davis and their position only got stronger with a bonafide superstar coming to the team in the draft. Not to mention, the Lakers desperately need a player of AD's caliber to compliment James if they want to get their team to the playoffs any time in the near future.