UPDATED 6/14/19: Prosecutors announced Friday that Kellen Winslow Jr. will be retried on the eight unresolved charges in his rape case. 

According to TMZ, the retrial will begin later this year, following jury selection in September. 

A judge declared a mistrial on the eight remaining charges this week, after the jury failed to break a deadlock. Winslow's legal team requested for the undecided charges to be dismissed, but the judge denied the motion. 

Days after the mistrial, Sports Illustrated published a report that detailed Winslow's alleged sexual misconduct during his NFL days. Anonymous league officials, ex-coaches, and former teammates described Winslow as a sex fiend who would brag about his infidelity, watch porn openly, and masturbate in front of other athletes.

"He was infantile, just very transparent," a NFL official told the magazine. "With Kellen, everybody knew what he was about: video games and fucking."

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On Monday, former-Pro Bowler/10-year NFL veteran Kellen Winslow II was found guilty of a series of charges, including: lewd conduct, indecent exposure, and forcible rape of a 58-year-old woman referred to as Jane Doe #2, TMZ Sports reports.

The judgment came in a San Diego courtroom after a jury had deliberated for the past week. At this point, they've reached a verdict on 4 of the 12 charges that Winslow is facing, and they are still set to deliberate on the remaining eight, six of which are felonies. As it currently stands, the potential sentence for the rape conviction he already has is three to eight years, and requires registration as a sex offender. In addition to that, each misdemeanor he was found guilty of carries a potential sentence of six months.

Winslow was found guilty of indecent exposure to Jane Doe #3 and was also guilty of lewd conduct regarding a Jane Doe #5. The one count that he was found not guilty on, thus far, was a second lewd conduct charge that also involved Jane Doe #5.

Winslow had been arrested back in June 2018 after authorities say he kidnaped and raped two transient women. Those were said to be separate incidents, with the first one reportedly occurring in March, while the second happened in May.

After that had transpired a third woman came forward to allege that Winslow had raped her while she was unconscious back in 2003. In addition to those charges, two women say that Winslow had exposed himself to them in separate instances that took place over the past year. One of those women was a neighbor, while the other encounter allegedly happened in a gym hot tub. His trial had begun on May 20, and every woman who has alleged a crime against has testified against him.

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