The New York Jets think they have a replacement for interim general manager Adam Gase. Reports claim they are interested in someone who has no experience in an NFL front office at all: Peyton Manning.

Pro Football Talk's Mike shared what he's been hearing.

"Rumors are flying within league circles that the Jets may make a run at the future Hall of Fame quarterback who has periodically been linked to NFL management possibilities," he wrote. "And Gase, who worked with Manning in Denver, possibly would be one of the few guys who could draw Manning back into football."

Manning's accomplishments on the field are unimpeachable, but it remains to be seen whether that would translate into running a team. His own Colts passed on considering him as GM. Beyond that, the amount of media scrutiny the beloved personality would face in such a big market would be incredible.

Jets CEO and chairman Christopher Johnson notably didn't include experience in his list of qualifications for the GM hunt when he spoke to reporters earlier this week.

“It’s more than a talent-evaluation guy,” Johnson said. “I want a great manager, a communicator, who can collaborate well with the building. I’m convinced we’re going to find that person.”