UPDATED 04/28/19 4:10 p.m. ET: It took LeBron James Jr. less than 24 hours to hit one milliion followers on Instagram, TMZ reports. As one might expect, Bronny's account is already the subject of intrigue among major figures in the worlds of sports and entertainment. Draymond Green is already all up in his comments, while stars like Mike Trout, Odell Beckham Jr. and Trae Young are amoung his famous followers. 

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LeBron may have thought his oldest son was mature enough for wine at a young age but apparently he didn't think he was ready for the 'Gram until, well, just now. At least that's what it looks like because, on Monday, LBJ Sr. told his 49+ million followers that he was fulfilling an alleged three-year-old promise by letting his son LeBron Jr. have an Instagram. Here's his caption, which includes a warning for prospective hating asses who may view this as an opportunity to live up to that label:

Everyone welcome the heir to the throne to IG @real_bronny! Told him 3 years ago the summer of 2019 I’d let you him get one. Damn time flies! Hahaha! Anyways let’s get Bronny! P.S. Keep y’all hating asses off his comments or we pulling up‼️‼️

Oh, and here's the post:

Thus far there ain't much to gawk at on the teen's feed or crawl or whatever Instagram users call their collection of photos. All that's up is this pic which has gathered 360,000+ likes since it went up three hours ago. No doubt that total's jumped since then. If that matters to you then blame your dad for not being more famous:

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