If there's one person in the basketball world you wouldn't want mad at you, it would probably be Kobe Bryant. ESPN's Stephen A. Smith reported that the Black Mamba is "livid" about being intertwined in the current Lakers drama

"Kobe Bryant was livid at his name even being mentioned," Smith told his First Take co-hosts on Monday. Smith then went on to explain that Kobe is past the NBA messiness and wants to enjoy his retirement. 

"His attitude is, 'I'm here coaching my girls I ain't got nothing to do with any of that nonsense,'" Smith said.

The "nonsense" Smith is referring to stems from a scathing article published by ESPN on Tuesday. In the piece, reporter Baxter Holmes chronicles the dysfunction within the Lakers organization. Although it focuses mainly on former team President Magic Johnson, Rich Paul, and GM Rob Pelinka, Bryant's name is mentioned during an anecdote in which Pelinka was caught in a lie. 

According to sources, Pelinka said Kobe insisted on meeting Heath Ledger after watching The Dark Knight. Bryant then used the conversation to dismantle the Knicks in his next game. Yet, Ledger died six months before The Dark Knight hit theaters and no meeting was ever reported. It's unclear if Bryant is mad at Pelinka or at Holmes for including his name in the piece. Either way, this can't be good for anyone.