Klay Thompson flatly denied rumors that he's unhappy with the Golden State Warriors. After Stephen A. Smith floated the idea that Thompson would be ready to leave Oakland in the coming offseason, Thompson felt the need to clear the air in a new interview.

"That's not true," Thompson said in an interview with the Mercury News. "Have I ever indicated I was unhappy?"

The denial comes after a First Take segment in which Smith said that Thompson felt like he wasn't being given enough touches.

"Klay Thompson hasn’t been happy; his number hasn’t been called nearly enough and he’s tired of sitting around and getting quote-unquote ‘the crumbs’ left behind other people,” Smith said. 

The new interview with Thompson falls in line with when Thompson said he wanted to be a "Warrior for life" and added that "he has not changed his sentiment surrounding his pending free agency."

Thompson has little reason to be unhappy in California. He's spent his entire career there and been a part of three championship squads. He's averaging over 20 points a game and the Warriors see that. It's widely expected that they will offer him a max contract when he hits free agency this summer. Continuing to play for the league's current dynasty while maintaining the respect that comes with being a one-team player—and making a boatload of money doing it—doesn't seem like too bad a deal. 

Besides, as Avengers fans can tell us, Klay doesn't stick around a second longer than he wants to.