Since the injury that forced him out of the playoffs, Kevin Durant has had nothing but time. On Monday, Durant continued his war against the media by firing a shot at Fox Sports' Chris Broussard. 

On last Friday's episode of Chris Broussard and Rob Parker's The Odd Couple talk show, Broussard wondered  if the Warriors are a better team without their best player. 

"Right now, Kevin Durant's worse nightmare is coming to past," Broussard said when touching on how well Golden State is playing without KD. "This is why it's KD's worse nightmare... players around the league—I'm telling you—they respect his game...but they are looking at those championships a little funny because they know I could've went there and got those rings... what in the world do you think they're going to think of those two championships if the Golden State Warriors win it all without him?"

Although this was on last week's episode, Broussard decided to begin the new week by rehashing the topic on Twitter. Kevin Durant couldn't let that slide.

"I see a little exaggeration there buddy, my worst nightmare??" KD tweeted in response to Broussard. "U sure that this is the worst that it can get???"

Then—because the clip was already loaded—KD let off a round at a fan that decided to step into the line of fire.

"U right, lemme chill before my sensitivity flare up," Durant said sarcastically to troll labeling him as sensitive. "u real one bro!!."