Dallas Cowboys superstar Ezekiel Elliott had a run-in with the authorities this weekend. 

TMZ Sports obtained footage of Elliott getting into an altercation with a security guard at Las Vegas' Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC). In the clip, Elliott is seen having a verbal argument with a woman that is said to be his girlfriend. The video shows the running back walking away from the woman on several occasions before returning to continue the back-and-forth. Staffers eventually got involved to defuse the situation, but the kerfuffle escalated with Elliott pushing a guard over a barrier with his chest.

Las Vegas police placed Elliott in handcuffs when he tried to leave the scene, but they didn't arrest him

Once the video became public, Elliott's lawyer Frank Salzano claimed security "overreacted" to a "normal discussion" between him and his girlfriend.

This is not the first time Elliott has had off-field issues. In July 2017, witnesses said that Elliott "attacked" a man that was verbally harassing a woman in Elliott's crew. Police responded but no arrests were made.