Portland's Dame Lillard responded to the Denver radio host that sent a verbal shot at his teammate Jusuf Nurkic

In the closing minutes of Portland's Game 6 victory over the Nuggets, frustration seemed to drift past the players on the floor. After CJ McCollum hit a three-pointer that iced the game, there was a lot of jawing between the benches. This led Altitude Sports' Scott Hastings and his co-host to add their two cents on the situation. 

"Nurkic is acting like a tough guy," Hastings said. "Kick him in the shin."

Hastings comments were met with much laughter from his co-workers but Nurkic's teammate Dame Lillard didn't find it funny at all. The video of Hastings' joke went viral and when it passed across Lillard's desk he couldn't help put call the analyst out. 

"Smh wow. Clown," Lillard wrote in a tweet featuring Hastings' statement.

Despite being his teammate, Lillard might have taken extra offense to the comments because of Nurkic's situation. Nurkic suffered a season-ending leg injury in March. Still, his presence on the bench has brought a morale boost to the team during their playoff run.