It’s that time of the year again. While the NBA is almost ready to tip off the 2019 Finals, Complex Sports is ready to hand out its annual proverbial hardware for the league’s most talented social media squads. As we’ve seen in past years, just because a team plays in a big market or has a bunch of superstars doesn’t always guarantee a steady stream of fire tweets.

Most times, it’s the content creators behind small market teams who produce viral memes. You may not see their squad on ESPN or TNT very often, but if you’re not following the Kings or Clippers on social media, you’re clowning yourself.

Our annual rankings are kind of a big deal around the league, so do know that we take this very seriously. It should also be noted that extra points are always awarded to the pettiest accounts, those who talk smack and efficiently clap back at dog avis or verified haters alike.

For those keeping score at home, last spring, the 76ers ended the Blazers’ three-peat from 2015, 2016, and 2017. But this year, we’re crowning a new champion; who needs the Larry O’Brien Trophy when you can earn the universal praise (or vitriol) of the internet, on the basis of your Photoshop proficiency, wit level, and ever-ready Twitter fingers? Check out list below and see who deserves this season’s NBA Twitter championship.