On Monday, it was reported that Conor McGregor is under investigation in his native Ireland for his alleged involvement in a bar fight.

Per sources, the now-retired UFC fighter was at a Dublin pub when another customer began to heckle him about his loss to Khabib Nurmagomedov. Eventually, McGregor reached his limit and punched the victim. It is unsure if the victim or the pub are cooperating with authorities, but the altercation is said to have happened on April 6. 

Outside the aforementioned bar fight, it seems that at least one of McGregor's legal problems has been resolved. The man who accused McGregor of smashing his cell phone has dropped his lawsuit. 

According to court records obtained by TMZ, the case filed by Ahmed Abdirzak against McGregor has been dismissed by the judge with prejudice. It is assumed that in exchange for dropping the case, Abdirzak will receive some sort of financial settlement. This comes after a March 11 incident in which the 22-year-old alleged that McGregor punched his smartphone out of his hand as well as stomping on it repeatedly. 

Although he was able to evade any persecution for this case, McGregor is still neck deep in pending litigations. 

In addition to his possible bar brawl, it was made news that McGregor was accused of raping a Dublin woman in Dec 2018. However, his team has assured publications that these reports are mere "rumors."