On the eve of the 2019 NFL Draft, every potential selection has been picked apart by draftniks and NFL front offices alike. Team executives and fans have stumped for the ceilings of their favorites, while skeptics have argued against their floors. Everyone has an opinion on this year’s draft class, which undoubtedly is filled with talent. 

Precisely what kind of impact 10 of 2019’s most heralded draftees can make is, in our eyes, quite clear. Some of them have skill sets that harken back to an older time. Others offer something the league has yet to see. As such, we decided to group them into two categories: instigators and innovators.

The instigators of this group are the kinds of players who are going to make life for coordinators and game planners a nightmare next season. They’re going to be beasts to contain the second they step onto the field. They’re going to blow up blockers, blow by defenders, and possess the potential to be devastating players. Overlook them at your own discretion because the teams that pass over these players are probably going to regret it.

On the other hand, we have the innovators of the group. These are the kinds of players who could change how we view a position. Think Mike Vick or Deion Sanders. Those guys made the NFL rethink what a QB and CB could be, even should be. The innovators we highlighted in this draft class have the kind of talent that geeks out football junkies—you know, the ones who spend their days scheming up crazy formations and coverages that perfectly complement the players’ superlative skills. A decade or two from now, their imprints could be all over the game.

So now that you know what we’re getting at here, our draft experts from Yahoo! Sports broke down the five instigators and five innovators from the 2019 class everyone is talking about ahead of Thursday’s NFL Draft.