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On Wednesday, the Golden State Warriors announced that forward Jordan Bell had been suspended for "conduct detrimental to the team." But what they didn't reveal is what that conduct was exactly.

However, the Athletic reports Jordan Bell made a purchase while at a hotel with the rest of the Warriors and charged it to assistant coach Mike Brown. It's not clear how many items or what items he bought, but it is clear this is why he received a one-game suspension. Brown was alerted to the charge after the purchase was made, and the staff at the Peabody hotel in Memphis confirmed Bell was the one who charged it to Brown's bill.

Sources close to the situation believe this might not have been the first time Brown has pulled something along these lines. The bill he redirected to Brown could be everything from a prank to him not wanting to be found out ordering pay-per-view porn. Whatever it was ended up costing him $9,505, ultimately. 

Head coach Steve Kerr did not offer up any details on the suspension when it was announced.