Tim Tebow is proof that everyone has haters. Despite having such a positive persona, the former University of Florida standout has always been subjected to a certain amount of critics. This number has grown since he decided to switch his sport of choice and try his hand at baseball. But, when asked about these naysayers, Tebow delivered a perfect response.

"It's really about trying to keep perspective and not letting other people define you," Tebow began before going on to explain that his decision to tackle baseball is rooted in inspiring the youth to not be scared of failure. 

"Succeeding or failing is not making it to the bigs... it's not having to live with regret because I didn't try." Tebow explained. "I just feel for all the young people out there that don't go after something because their so afraid of failing that you're going to live with a lot more regret than you would if you would've tried and you failed. And I'm very passionate about that."

This moment turned into a viral moment with many applauding Tebow for his class and determination.

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