The Boston Celtics beat the Philadelphia 76ers 112-109 on Tuesday (Feb. 12), and Joel Embiid wasn't happy about it. As USA Today reports, Embiid expressed his frustration with how the game went afterwards, stating that the "referees fucking sucked." In fact, that's how he ended his time at the post-game press conference, leaning into the microphone to deliver his message.

As CBS Sports points out, Embiid was probably upset about a call one of the officiators made in the closing minute of the game. The Celtics made off with the loose ball after Embiid threw his arms up against Al Horford, resulting in Marcus Smart putting the Celtics up by four points. He did, however, reflect on his performance and call himself "stupid." He also explained that he could have performed better, although he kept his comments typically blunt and minimal.

Ben Simmons, meanwhile, was a little more reserved in his reflective comments post-game. "This is a new team," Simmons explained. "There are things we’re going to work on, things we need to get better at, but it’s a good test for us to see where we’re at with this new team. But I’m excited with everyone we have and to see how far we can go."