Dwayne Johnson let Milwaukee Bucks star Giannis Antetokounmpo know that his mouth is writing bad checks in a playful and terrifying tweet. After Giannis said that he would "kill" The Rock in a wrestling match, the wrestler flew in with a digital People's Elbow and warned "you don’t want this smoke."

The Rock shared that he loves watching Giannis play basketball before directing him back to his lane. 

"Love this dude. It’s why he’s an [NBA] beast & the Bucks are #1 in the E," he wrote. "But you don’t want this smoke, cuz I will slap your lips off into next week, son. And by that I mean, let’s just get a workout in and enjoy some tequila after."

The whole fake beef started when Giannis and Bucks teammate Pat Connaughton joked that they could out-lift The Rock on New Year's Eve. The players posted a video of their workout to Instagram and challenged the wrestler/actor to come to Milwaukee for a lift-off.

"We see what you’re doing down in your Iron Paradise; we tried to bring an Iron Paradise to the NBA here in Milwaukee," Connaughton said.

"We know you look stronger than us, but we think we both can lift more than you,” Giannis added. “Come visit Milwaukee.”

When Dwayne responded playfully, Giannis thought he had license to take things a bit further. Judging by the phrase "smack your lips off," the presumptive All-Star was incorrect. 

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