Although fans would love to see Gronk's spike somehow morph into a legendary finishing move, it appears that the New England tight end will not be pursuing a career in the WWE once he hangs up his cleats.

Many people like NFL Network's Ian Rapoport believe that Gronk will retire once the season ends. However, despite Rapaport thinking that there is a "strong chance" Gronk will leave the NFL, he firmly feels that there is a slim possibility the Super Bowl champion will trade in the gridiron for the squared-circle. 

This is because if Gronk does retire his long list of injuries will be cited as the catalyst. As a result, joining the WWE's nonstop schedule would be counterproductive to his plans to stay healthy. So, in an effort to refrain from more physical stress, Rapoport thinks Gronkowski is looking to try his hand in Hollywood. 

But even if Gronk does not sign a full-time contract with the WWE, he will more than likely make one-off appearances at major wrestling events like his cameo at Wrestlemania 33.