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As if fighting the pressures of being the defending Super Bowl champions wasn't enough, rumors have surfaced that Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz was "egotistical," "uncompromising," and "selfish" making the season more "complicated" than necessary. On Monday, several of Philly's star players took to Twitter to refute the reports.

In the article published by the Philly Voice, sources state that Wentz has particular players on the offense that he favors, creating a divisive atmosphere. It also claims that Nick Foles is "universally loved" while Wentz is not.

The report prompted key players to defend Wentz on Twitter.

Along with Fletcher Cox and Lane Johnson, Zach Ertz (who is reportedly one of Wentz's "favorites") took it upon himself to debunk the report as well.

Thanks to the success of Foles, there seems to be a QB controversy brewing in Philly. Still, Wentz appears locked in as the team's starter moving forward.