In the week leading up to the National Championship game, the University of Alabama shared a video online of Drake giving a speech to motivate the Alabama Crimson Tide team. With over 400 of Tua Tagovailoa's extended family at the game and support from Drizzy on their side, Alabama had everything going for them. However, they lost in a defeat at the hands of Clemson. Noticing an opportunity to clown Drake for supporting the team everyone expected to win, Clemson's own Twitter account took aim at the Toronto rapper.

"Someone get this man a shirt with a Tiger paw quick," the team tweeted, referencing his motivational speech in a Alabama Crimson Tide hoodie. Clemson beat Alabama in a 44 to 16 defeat, leading many to believe that the "Drake Curse" is very much alive.

Immediately following their first tweet, fans began responding by telling Clemson that they're better of without Drake behind them. "Naw we good fam," wrote former Clemson Tiger Brandon Thomas. "Noooooo don’t do that then we will lose," wrote another Twitter user. In response to this, Clemson tweeted, "Our followers have unanimously voted against this, apologies Drake."

Whether or not the "Drake Curse" is real, it's clear no one wants to take a chance on the 6 God.