Saints defensive end Cam Jordan disrespected Ben Roethlisberger in brutal fashion on Thursday.

His "Reeaaaaally" response when a reporter said the longtime Steelers QB was a future hall of famer stands right up there with Clay Davis' "sheeeiiiit," for equal parts denunciation and contempt. As evidence for this all-time mockery, Jordan puts Eli Manning ahead of Ben in his all-time QB rankings of this era.

As for that top five of this era, Jordan named Drew Brees (yes, but not first, like where his teammate put him), Tom Brady (naturally), Aaron Rodgers (ditto), Peyton Manning (came after the first three), and Roethlisberger then Eli. Eli Manning, that is. Yes, that Eli.

Forgetting the Philip Rivers mention because he's has been tearing it up this season despite not once appearing in a Super Bowl, let alone winning one, but comparisons between Eli and Ben are relatively easy since they both came into the NFL the same year, 2004, and both have two super bowl wins, something Cam alluded to when making his justification.

But Roethlisberger has slightly more touchdowns over his career (359 vs. 357) and slightly more yardage, with way fewer interceptions (189 vs. 237); He's got a higher completion percentage; he's more than 10 points higher in career QB rating, and sports three seasons with a higher QBr than the highest of Eli's career. He's also got double the number of rushing yards and triple the number of rushing touchdowns. Worst of all is Ben's record in the regular season (143-68-1), which makes Eli look downright pedestrian in comparison (116-112-0)—probably because, aside from those two super bowls, Eli's a middling QB with a famous last name. Ben's often an adult fraternity brother, but he can really throw a football.

All of this added up to some fun reactions when Cam's diatribe against Ben hit the Twitterverse:

The Saints face the Steelers on Sunday at 4 p.m. ET, and this take might be the most apt: 

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