Boston's Marcus Morris and Washington's Markieff Morris are identical twins, but you can tell them apart if you know what you're looking for. Kieff is taller, and while they seemingly have the same tattoos adorning their torsos, the FOE (Family Over Everything) ink they both have on the front of their throat is slightly different: Marcus' script is tighter and the "E" isn't as dark as his twin brother's rendition.

But they look enough alike that they've said they used to switch uniforms when they were on the same AAU squad as kids. This twin tomfoolery extended off the court, too as The Athletic's Jay King and Fred Katz found in their recent feature on the NBA brothers.

"We switched classes a few times actually," Marcus admitted. "You know what, in high school we had all the same classes. In college, we had all the same classes. Probably in middle school, we switched classes." That educational mimesis extended to test-taking as well. "When you’re younger, we all had the same tests," Marcus continued. "So I took the test and then I knew what the questions were going to be again. And then I just took it for him." Shhhh. Don't tell the NCAA, they've already got the goods on Bill Self.

The Morris twins' resemblance lies at the the heart of one of the best NBA conspiracies we want to believe in, and thankfully King and Katz got to the playoff Parent Trap rumor in their feature.

When Marcus was first asked about his best twin-swapping moment, he was quick to joke, “Twin swap? When we switched in the playoff game when he sprained his ankle.”

As he laughed, a nearby Celtics staffer interjected, “Finally, the truth.” Marcus chuckled before issuing a dismissive, “Yeah, aight.”

The Morris brothers are the most entertaining twins in NBA history. Sure, it's a brief list, but they're incredibly close, and don't take themselves too seriously when stories like the Game 2 conspiracy are brought up. It's why they can joke about sitting for exams as each other and no one writes a hot take about how it's some moral depravity. We highly suggest you read the rest of the feature about the pair because we could all use a twin who loves us as much as it seems the Morris twins love each other. FOE, indeed.

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