Twitter is buzzing over an unearthed basketball card that shows the Menendez brothers courtside at a Knicks game in between murdering their parents and the eventual arrest. 

On the card, Lyle and Eric Menendez can be seen immediately to the left of former New York Knicks guard Mark Jackson. Sports business analyst Darren Rovell pointed out that the timeline of the photo matches up with the few months the brothers spent blowing through their family's wealth before being apprehended. 

Though she's a seasoned expert on weird true crime stories, My Favorite Murder host Karen Kilgariff reacted to the image the same way as most folks. 

The news led Kathy Griffin to share her extremely odd home decor choices. 

The Menendez Brothers murdered their parents in 1989 and attempted to make their deaths look like an execution by the Mafia. Though they were arrested for their crimes in 1990, a series of mistrials made it so that they were not sentenced until July 1996. 

Until this April, the brothers had been kept apart while in prison. Lyle and Erik weren't allowed to verbally communicate with each other for over 20 years. However, prison officials in San Diego allowed the brothers to meet face-to-face. Investigative journalist Robert Rand told ABC that they both "burst into tears immediately" upon seeing each other.

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