Last season, DeMarcus Cousins sustained a season-ending injury that required surgery. Landing hard on his left leg, Cousins' non-contact injury resulted in a torn Achilles tendon. Since then, he left the New Orleans Pelicans to join the Golden State Warriors, and there's already been reports indicating that he'll be playing with the team in the new year. Now we have video evidence that the one they call Boogie is nearing his debut. 

In the video, Boogie is seen dunking on his Warriors teammate Kevin Durant. After posterizing one of the best players in the game, Boogie stunts while backing away from a stunned Durant. Cousins reportedly wanted to make his debut with the team earlier this month, and now we know why.

After the scrimmage, Boogie continued to troll Durant in the locker room. 

But despite the encouraging optics, Boogie will still be grounded until after the holidays. "That's not something we're close to," Warriors head coach Steve Kerr said earlier this week. Recovery for torn Achilles tendons usually takes somewhere between eight to 12 months, which means Cousins is right on schedule. Look out, NBA.