Colin Kaepernick's supporters have realized there's a possible loophole that can get him back on the NFL field for one game. They've decided to bypass the NFL's politics and force the league to select Kaepernick for this year's Pro Bowl.

This year, the NFL has taken a page out of the NBA's book by allowing fans to vote for who they want to see in the Pro Bowl with the hashtag #ProBowlVote. Of course, Kaepernick popped up multiple times.

colin kaepernick #ProBowlVote #ImWithKap #blacktwitter

— Dcory (The D silent) (@BraxtonCory) December 2, 2018

#ProBowlVote Colin Kaepernick

— Calvnhobs (@Calvnhob) December 2, 2018

#ProBowlVote Colin Kaepernick

— RSulton (@iwrite2praise) December 2, 2018

Colin Kaepernick, you have my vote! #ProBowlVote

— Sean François (@seanfrancois) December 1, 2018

This recalls when fans voted then-retired Magic Johnson into the NBA's 1991-92 All-Star Game. But Johnson did not have an active collusion lawsuit against the NBA; the one Kaepernick has against the NFL has many assuming that the league will not count his votes. Plus, it's possible the league can rule him out since he's not on an NFL roster. Sending Kaepernick to the Pro Bowl may be a long shot, but it's something.