Chicago Bulls fans have every reason to be nostalgic. Aside from a promising young core that includes Lauri Markkanen, Wendell Carter Jr., and the high-flying antics of Zach LaVine, it's probably easier to look back than forward. 

That helps explain why they serenaded Derrick Rose with "MVP" chants after he connected on a three-point play during Wednesday night's 119-94 Timberwolves win. Of course, the former Bulls star was on the opposing team, but that didn't stop the Bulls faithful from acknowledging arguably the best player to wear a Bulls uniform since Michael Jordan.

The normally reserved hometown hero and 2011 MVP even managed to crack a smile.

"I had to crack a smile a little bit," Rose said after the game. "It made me reminisce about some of the old days and how grateful I was to be in that position at a young age. Just trying to take it all in. The year I'm having is very special."

The oft-injured Rose has seen something of a resurgence this season, culminating in a surprising 50-point performance against the Jazz in November. Meek Mill even immortalized the night in song, and NBA stars past and present gave him DAP on Twitter.

But overcoming injuries is just a fraction of Rose's redemption narrative. He was also credibly accused of gang rape. So while Bulls fans might ironically (or earnestly) chant MVP for their former star, it's hard to fully join in the excitement. 

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