Braun Strowman likes to break things, as messily and theatrically as possible. And in the weird, wonderful world of professional wrestling, this tendency makes him one of the most popular wrestlers in WWE.

The modern conundrum with pro wrestling is its presentation. Yes, it’s all predetermined and choreographed, and no, it's not "legitimate" in the conventional sense of the word. In the old days, every wrestler kept kayfabe. But these days, the performers have to decide, for themselves, the degree to which they acknowledge the reality of the situation. Do they play it entirely straight, and try to make everything look as realistic as possible? Do they openly acknowledge that what they're doing is scripted, and turn the show into an inside joke?

Braun Strowman has managed to split the difference. He rarely breaks character or winks at the audience to let us know he's only pretending to be angry. And he also has the kayfabe strength of one hundred men. He flips over trucks and cars by himself. He gets crushed by a garbage truck, and emerges from one days later, unscathed. And this juxtaposition, between straight-faced sincerity and ridiculous feats of strength, makes for great comedy. His opponents are more than game to sell, which they do by throwing themselves into walls and flopping around like fish. Strowman is a comic book character come to life.

Is he a babyface? Or is he a heel? Strowman’s sort of neither; he's a massive indiscriminate force of nature that destroys everything in his path. Here are 10 Times WWE superstar Braun Strowman caused ridiculous destruction. Most WWE Superstars are very GIF-able, but Strowman has an exceptional highlight reel, even by that lofty standard.