Because the world crumbles more every day, we place a special importance on the rationale and reasoning behind trivial matters like the relative value of professional basketball players. The dehumanization alone should make us all wonder what we’re doing with our lives, but we’ll end our rant with this sentence: While acknowledging the popularity of these opinions, it’s always important to remember their inherent emptiness.

So, enjoy the process of sussing this list out instead of lying in wait, ready to bulldoze the takes. Maybe the player named has been criticized to a greater degree in my small pocket of the NBA world. Or, maybe, they’re properly rated in your humble opinion. Perhaps I’m surrounded by sycophants who demean a player because Writer X does, and the groundswell of pejoratives leaks into my own ideas, which are only my own because my ego tricks me into thinking as such.

An actual person sits, or rather slumps, doing this. As such, it’s all fallible. There’s hubris even in the attempt though, so this introduction was one large feint at self-doubt. What follows next sizzles like scripture. Here are the 10 most underrated players in the NBA today.

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