The New York Jets are reportedly leading the pack to land Le'Veon Bell when he becomes an unrestricted free agent this offseason. Mike Freeman of Bleacher Report says he spoke with 10 NFL personnel sources, and six of them said that Bell would end up with the Jets. One Steelers source went as far as to call Le'Veon-to-New York a "foregone conclusion." 

If Bell is looking a team that will meet his financial demands, the Jets are the perfect choice. According to Over the Cap, Gang Green is projected to head into the offseason with $106 million in cap space, second-most behind the Indianapolis Colts ($125 million). However, an AFC West front office source believes the Colts could be aggressive in their pursuit of Bell with the hopes of getting the dynamic running back to play alongside quarterback Andrew Luck.  

An intriguing team that has also been thrown out is the Green Bay Packers. "It would be like [Alvin] Kamara and [Mark] Ingram in New Orleans," an NFC South coaching source said, adding that Bell's presence could extend Aaron Rodgers' career "by lightyears." 

Bell's decision will ultimately depend on whether he values location, money, or winning most. If he wants to play in a big market with a big contract, then he will probably go with the Jets. If he wants to play for a team that can help him get a championship as soon as possible, then he may prefer going to the Colts or Packers. There's also a slim chance he returns to the Pittsburgh Steelers, but you have to believe that once his former teammates divvied up his locker room belongings, it was no longer a possibility.