Joel Embiid might be the most universally beloved player in the NBA today, and that’s largely because of his proclivity for beef. Whether he’s chirping on social media, in an interview, or on the court, the Cameroonian big man never seems to hold back. If he thinks you’re trash, he won’t hesitate to let you know it.

The Process is a savage.

Despite his wide appeal, his tendencies to speak his mind and to showboat have sparked numerous run-ins with others around the NBA. His recent spat with DeAndre Ayton got us thinking: how many real rivals does Joel Embiid actually have? Do he and Russell Westbrook genuinely dislike each other? What about Embiid and “man bun” Aron Baynes—do they have bad blood?

Embiid wrote a Players’ Tribune piece this summer about how his life is “a movie.” And what good is a movie without an antagonist or two?

Below, we’ve recounted each of Embiid’s run-ins over the years. After presenting the context of each situation, we share our verdict on whether the beef is legitimate or not.