The NBA’s return brings with it a flurry of fashion do’s (and don'ts). Once again, LeBron James proves why he is the on- and off-court GOAT as he confirmed the “a” in “swag” stands for “activism,” rocking exclusive Colin Kaepernick/Nike gear.

On Thursday (Oct. 4), LeBron entered the Staples Center for his second pre-season game as a Laker wearing a black Nike long-sleeve shirt that read “Kaepernick” across the back in lettering lined with Nike’s signature 3m material. Although this T-shirt is seemingly simplistic, the fact Nike named Kaepernick the face of their 30th anniversary “Just Do It” campaign makes James’ fit a subtle but hard flex.

In addition to stunting on both his teammates and the Sacramento Kings, LeBron has habitually voiced his support for Kaepernick, and offered an opinion on other sociopolitical matters—even addressing Trump as “u bum” on Twitter.

The Lakers won their Thursday night matchup against the Kings 128-123