The apple doesn't fall far from the tree—or some other aphorism—might explain LeBron James Jr., the talented progeny of the most talented basketball player of the millennium. LeBron Jr., a.k.a. Bronny, has shown what he can do for years now, but over the weekend's Jordan Future of Flight event, Bronny showed off skills that might very well translate to the NBA level, where his father has dreamed of playing with him. As a special twist, Bronny even rocked a hoodie like Uncle Melo:

Papa was proud, if his IG account was any indication: 

Bronny's teammate on the North Coast Blue Chips (basically an all-star squad of middle schoolers), Mikey James, busted out a windmill at the Jordan event:

Mikey is the No. 1 ranked player in his class, with Bronny No. 25. While both look to have a bright future on the hardwood, only one of them comes from King's blood.

However, let's not forget these kids are still adolescents, so any NBA foreshadowing should be tempered with the reality of how hard it is to make it to that level. It's a weight of expectation LeBron laments after giving his eldest son his own name.