Deontay Wilder is easily one of the heaviest hitters boxing has seen in a while, so it is no wonder someone would assume a free shot from him would break a jaw. But, despite reports, no one was injured during Wilder's viral TV visit.

Deontay Wilder was wrapping up a promotional tour for his heavily anticipated Dec. 1 fight against Tyson Fury when he stopped by Nación ESPN. There, he engaged in an awkward bit that ended with the anchors telling Wilder to punch an overly eager burrito mascot anywhere he wanted. Keep in mind that out of Wilder's 40 victories in the ring, all but one came via knockout.

Initially, it was reported that the man inside the costume had sustained a broken jaw and that Wilder only punched the mascot because he assumed there wasn't a person inside of the costume. Wilder has since denounced these claims, releasing a statement on his Twitter regarding the incident. 

"Yea anything headlining I didn't know there was a 'Human Being' inside is straight 'Click Baiting,'" the statement reads, before apologizing and inviting him to his fight against Fury if accounts were true.

ESPN confirmed that the man wasn't actually injured. Still, try never to get punched by Wilder.