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Additional research by Max Ramsfelder.

The most wonderful time of the year for football fans (and the most grating time of the year for the sport's defectors) has arrived: the start of the NFL season. Although the league continues to face controversy surrounding its National Anthem policy, domestic violence punishment, and the continued fallout of concussions, the league still has millions and millions of loyal fans.

Will the Eagles be able to defend their first ever Super Bowl title? Can the Browns finally snap their 600-day winless streak? Will Saquon Barkley or Baker Mayfield become superstars? To some, these questions are podcast fodder, only to be considered during morning commutes. But to more devout fans, those questions are a part of an ideology they've built entire Sundays around, with pre-game hosts as their preachers and post-game spiels as their scripture.

To commemorate football’s return as well as satisfy those who need more than the game itself to feel invested, Complex has curated a handful of playlists to accompany the biggest storylines set to unfold this season, capturing the mood surrounding the teams, players, and circumstances involved.