Steph Curry probably isn't worried about all that much right now—he's just won his third NBA title in four years, and his team sits in prime position to win it all again this coming year. At a certain point, the routine of starting a new season has to feel a little old, but Curry seems excited to get the 2018-19 campaign going. He thinks this year "should be fun."

The reason: well, the country's most famous athlete, LeBron James, relocated from Cleveland to Los Angeles, joining Curry's Western conference—and joining a team that plays only 360 miles from the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors and Lakers will square off four times during the regular season, and if we're lucky, they may even meet in the postseason.

"And a whole new-look Laker team with some of the young kids. It should be fun, the Bay Area and L.A. and the whole thing," Curry told the Associated Press Monday at his annual elite camp. "When I first got into the league, Oracle would be buzzing any time the Lakers came in. There probably will be a revolution of Laker fans that are going to try to creep in but I hope Bay Area and Dub Nation we keep control of that competition because we're on top right now."

Curry added that having DeMarcus Cousins on his squad "should be amazing."

"It's interesting because nobody going into free agency thought about DeMarcus as an option then all of a sudden he found his way onto our team," Curry said. "So for us to have a new dynamic, a new look, whenever he's fully healthy it should be amazing. I think we got better. Obviously we lost some pieces that were very vital to us winning a championship but you've got to evolve, you've got to find different things to focus on as you're trying to repeat, so it should be exciting."

The regular season will commence in late October.