A few days ago a fed-up Knicks fan took to eBay and put his fandom up for sale, and vowed to root for the team of choice by the highest bidder. This fed-up diehard, who titled his listing "Infuriated New York Knicks fan has had enough, selling my fanhood" also put together a nearly 2,200 word description that is unlike your typical fan screed (as in it's actually well punctuated) and started the bidding at $1,973. This price doubles as being both absurdly high and meaningful, as it represents the last time the Knicks won an NBA title:

More insane still, the posting had received eight bids, with the current total sitting at $2,750 (as of nearly 10:59 ET on Monday night). As for what the winner gets, the seller laid it out like so:

After all the ups, downs, more downs, more downs, infinite downs, I have reached my absolute breaking point. As of this moment, my New York Knicks fan-hood is officially for sale. What is included in bidding on my new fan-hood? I will honor the team of your choosing and be a fan. What does that entail?

• Root for this team whole-heartly
• Bet $500 on their team total over wins, whatever it may be. Ensuring I root for them each and every game
• Buy the NBA package to watch every game
• Buy 2 different players jersey from the team
• Attend 1 Home Game of this team (obviously I have to cover flight and lodging as well)
• Attend 1 Away Game of this team (again, a full travel package)
• Throw out my awesome Knicks trash can, replacing it with the team of your choosing
• Burn no less than 3 articles of Knicks memorabilia
• Your teams license plate casing for my car

Bidding is set to close on Friday. So risk a joke bid at your own peril.