ESPN's Stephen A. Smith is arguably one of the Worldwide Leader's most valuable assets. He continually finds a way to work his name into the national discourse, and buzz is everything in media today. The most recent way he entered the conversation, however, appears to have been unintentional. While ranting about DeMarcus Cousins signing with the Golden State Warriors, Smith referenced the "me-mes" about the transaction that have popped up on Twitter.

"Everybody's talking, oh my God, just do away with the NBA—you've got me-mes on Twitter with Adam Silver wearing a Golden State Warriors jersey," Smith said.

Listen to the incredible clip below.

Listen to how @stephenasmith pronounces the word “memes” 😂

— Day-Day (@dayonnethedon) July 4, 2018

We're all here for this generational disconnect.

I .AM.DYINGGGGG @stephenasmith pronouncing "memes" as "me me's" 😂😂😂 He was dead ass too, y'all😭😭😭

— Khari Kummingz (@khari_kummingz) July 5, 2018

Can we all agree on using @stephenasmith pronunciation of “memes” going forward?

— Nick Milonas (@nmilonas) July 5, 2018

It’s 2018 and @stephenasmith still calling memes “me-mes” 😑

— QD (@BigPapiQTip) July 5, 2018

Stephen A is the closest thing to a breathing meme.

— Chris B (@chrisoulogic) July 4, 2018

@stephenasmith love ya bro but memes is one word lol

— MOAM (@Baby_Jesus14) July 4, 2018

Did @stephenasmith just call a meme a “me-me”? 😂😂

— Tanner Jones (@kiddjones_kbmg) July 3, 2018

In case you just can't get enough of this, you can now listen to Smith saying "me-mes" for an hour straight.