With LeBron James now on the Lakers (and, not to mention, with Kyrie Irving out in Boston), it would make total sense for the Cavs to just tear everything down and start over. It's going to take a while but, honestly, what the hell else are they going to do? Play for seven-seed?

With that in mind, the Cavs, despite their insistence to the contrary, are reportedly open to trading away one of their few remaining players of real value, meaning they'll listen to offers for Kevin Love. According to The Athletic's Jason Lloyd, multiple NBA sources have stated that the Cavs are "open" to trading Love (as they should be), though they've stated publicly that they'd keep him around to try to remain contenders in a conference best described as piss-poor.

As recently as two days ago, Cleveland.com's Joe Vardon said the Cavs had no intention to deal Love even if LeBron signed elsewhere in free agency. With that no longer a hypothetical, we shall see if that was legit or simply a bluff to improve offers from teams desperate to add veteran talent.

Let the domino effect begin.