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It seems like Milwaukee Bucks guard Brandon Jennings and his neighbors aren’t on the best of terms, as they have reportedly called the police on him 30 to 40 times for noise complaints.

TMZ Sports reports that the most recent party happened during the early morning of July 5, when cops were sent to Jennings’ Los Angeles home due to “an insanely loud” party.

One of the neighbors told TMZ that he isn’t bothered by parties, but that Jennings' shindigs just need to be limited. “I have nothing against parties,” Ivan Kuznetsov said. “Partying is nice. It's just not the right place with everyone trying to sleep.” One of the reasons for the neighbors’ protests is that the area has a number of families with children.

Other neighbors have also expressed that they’re “fed up” because “he treats the house like a nightclub, with crazy parties, blaring music and huge crowds almost every night of the week.”

No one has been arrested during Jennings' parties.