If you're a public figure combing through Instagram, or just social media in general, it's best to tread carefully and be extra cautious with your fingers, lest you make a publicly visible mistake that catches the eye of a highly alert fan who takes it upon themselves to scan for every detail.

On Monday, Steven Adams found that out the hard way after he "liked" a comment on an Instagram post that was critical of his often polarizing OKC teammate, Carmelo Anthony. The post in question asked who the most valuable Thunder player was out of a quartet consisting of: Adams, Anthony, Paul George, and Russell Westbrook. In typical low-hanging fruit fashion, a fan commented "all of them except melo," which was promptly "liked" by Adams. In rare instances something does get past the internet, but this is not one of those times:

After he was made aware of this "like," Adams reached out to Bleacher Report to say it was an accident. As a dude who hits seven-feet on the tape measure, it's worth noting that tiny phone screens aren't built for him. Then again, maybe it's just something about OKC, as Kevin Durant claimed to "accidentally like" a comment calling Westbrook the problem just a few months ago.

This past season, Anthony shot a career worst 40.4 percent from the field which resulted in a career worst 16.2 points per game. That less than optimal offensive output came in addition to subpar defense. The Thunder are also on the hook for $27.9 million should he exercise his player option for next year.

So, I guess that's our way of saying feel free to believe what you want here.